a lovely change.

I don’t “do” resolutions. I did and never stuck with them and the remnants of my traditional Catholic upbringing allowed for enough guilt that I abandoned the practice all together. We pile up our resolutions, a massive wall of desire and drive to protect us from the unknown ahead. A whole years worth of defensiveness right there at our finger tips…and I have 2 kids so I’m entirely to exhausted to maintain that level of can do spirit.

So the simple focus of this exercise appealed to me. Choose a word. Live it. Write about it. Share it. At the end of the year, reflect. Perfect.

I turn 30 this year, I’ve begun to figure out what looks attractive on my figure, on my face, I have decided to go back to school, and my eldest child enters kindergarten. Mostly small things, inevitabilities that will probably pass with the same grace all these mile markers have, but put together in a 12 month span the shape of my year began to form. I began to see myself as needing to become more malleable, to become more focused, to become more organized, to become more in tune with myself…are you seeing a common word there?

This year I choose the word becoming.

An odd choice for a woman about to enter her 30th year, surely I should have become the person I was supposed to be by now? But when I read the definition it suited perfectly what I needed for this year, a year of change and a year of moving toward the woman I want to be.

So here’s to becoming this year.

Here’s to prosper and grow, to flourish and flow. And to you, faceless reader, I wish you a word to guide your year. Something as lovely as becoming…


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One thought on “a lovely change.

  1. Prudence says:

    I love this word. Ideally, we are becoming more than we previously were. We’re growing in all areas.

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