Rote memorization and bluberry almond milkshakes.


I have been reading a lot lately, for fun and for school…which is almost never fun. So much of my early education will traffic in rote memorization of terms, facts, bone names, and cell cycle vocabulary. I do not test well and despite my best efforts (6 hours of studying and flashcards and quick quizzes at home) I sat my first exam wishing wildly for a Xanax and got a D. Needless to say I was disheartened.

To counteract this I have been putting 110 percent into other aspects of my classes, I show up early, jump at all offers of extra credit and write papers that bring a tear to the eye. I may fail my anatomy class but I will drag my GPA up by dint of my desperation and ass kissing.

It’s not all panic and stress, I enjoy the process of learning and I enjoy the time spent engaging with my (often much much younger) classmates. Every day I have a couple of hours of independence and that has been quite good for my soul.

The downside is that I am finding this process to be all consuming. I have to be deliberate in my scheduling of time with my books. Or else I find myself spending all my spare time studying and not enjoying or nurturing my littles…its a fine line and I am struggling to walk it.

All of this means that at the end of the semester I will be sitting down with my advisor and making an action plan the works for my real life!


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