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a stand…if I might.

My marriage is worth more than a $5 chicken sandwich. And it doesn’t need defending.Image

Gay or straight, male or female, whatever religion, any color of the rainbow, culture, creed, whatever…if you’re an adult and you love the hell out of somebody, you should be able to marry them. End of discussion.


it’s very clear…

I met my husband when I was 18 years old. It took us almost 6 years to get together. Through divorce and death, through hard drinking and lots of travels we were friends, we took that friendship that could weather anything and turned it into a partnership. We got married on Valentine’s Day 2007, in a dingy courthouse office, with my big 7 month pregnant belly between us as we kissed one another.

Today we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by renewing our vows at our home church. In an act of incredible generosity and grace our church family came together and made it an incredible day, providing a brunch reception, a wedding cake and even photography. It was the wedding we never had. My breath was taken away by how we are loved there and by how much my Luke loves me…

Here are the vows I read to him:

There is a poem by Auden, it is a sad poem, generally read at funerals (so fair warning if you go looking for it) but anyway, this poem by Auden has 2 lines in it that have always, will always make me think of you. “He is my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and my Sunday rest” for me, that is you. The still point in my turning world.

Every day you are patiently helping me make not a tavern, but a temple of our life. And some days I bring broken stones and sometimes flimsy sticks, some times I create incredible stained glass windows and some days I build walls where there should be none, and so often I overlook little details, and sometimes I forget about the big picture.

But despite all that every day you see within me all the goodness that Christ put there, you show me, with every slow smile, that you see what God sees and it is an incredible blessing in my life to be building this life with a man who was created to love me.

My love, I am forever grateful that you indulge me when you can, that you encourage me when I fall, that every day you build this messy beautiful crazy life beside me and you do it joyfully.

For that, and for everything else you are to me, I promise to never stop being amazed by your patience, I promise to keep taking such pride in the marvelous man I married and I promise to love you fiercely, with all of my heart, for all of my days.”

and I meant every word.

...our love is here to stay.