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A little Monday Inspiration.

Truth be told, I like Mondays lately. This semester I have an anatomy lecture on Mondays, I park at my mothers apartment and walk to class, turning my music up and enjoying 10 minutes of solitude in my day. It’s lovely…

But in case you’re living in a Cathy cartoon (ack) here are some links to brighten your Monday!

I just started rewatching Freaks and Geeks and if it’s possible I love it more this time around!

This forum thread on unconventional celebrity crushes has had me ogling all sorts of unexpectedly hot people!

1000 lovely words

Sketches of characters from The Hobbit

This tea is ridiculously pretty. Yes pretty tea is a thing now.

I’m in love with her voice



from a recent letter

OH chica. I know. I know. The thing that heals my heart is that Christianity is bigger than the petty shit we try and turn it into. Jesus Christ is bigger than the hate we try and throw at each other. And by loving Him we are made bigger, we are made able to love more deeply and widely and fiercely, more able to appreciate this amazing creation He has given us, and everything, everyONE in it.
You have been given more than the “golden ticket” to heaven by accepting Christ. You have been given an opportunity, a COMMANDMENT, to love bigger, love more, love without reservation.

Humans have turned Christianity into this tiny box, have made gods of politics and money and power and anger, have given each other a checklist to meet in order to love Jesus, love Him enough, love Him the Right Way.
And you know, that’s some bullshit. That’s not what He’s about. He’s not about creating dichotomies and factions amongst His people, within His people. Jesus, I believe, would be pissed as hell to hear that the Christian church is making gay teenagers hate themselves. “FUCKED. UP.” I believe would be our Lord and Saviours words. Because it is. JesuCristo is into us being one body, He’s into us appreciating all of the myriad types of people He put on this earth with all their myriad types of talents, He’s into us letting go of ourselves and our stupid shit and being about Him. And His incredible capacity for love.

I don’t know why I rant to you, you know these things. This preaching to the choir must be tiresome for you, my marvelous girl who gets it.

I guess I am just trying to say: Loving Christ isn’t about how you do church and all the commonplace bullshit and awesomeness that entails.

Loving Christ is about Loving Christ.

And you do that so well.